Hilliard Ohio Supercoach Rick Rick dials in a perfect strength workout by rocking the fundamentals with strength and longevity in mind. Your strength workout should have these key elements:

1. Your warm up should only take 15 min. A warm up includes getting up and down off the floor .. a lot. If you have trouble getting up and down off the floor (and complain about it) – that needs fixed.
2. Your warm up should conclude with something that involves explosive power. This exercise should cue you up and dial you in – not exhaust you & compromise the workout that’s coming up. Explosive exercises could include kettlebell work, medicine ball work, plyometrics
3. LEG MOVEMENT – (A lateral step up for example – you can load your body weight with sandbags, chains, weighted vests, small/medium breed sized dogs) – The money is in the leg movements. This month’s leg movement is a single limb (unilateral selection)
4. Upper body pull this month is with using rings or TRX for body (reclined) row. Focus on holding the top of the movement with high tension in a straight body position. Consider elevating your feet on a ball or box if you can do 10 strict straight leg reps with feet on the floor. Upper body push this month is upper body press. The only thing that really matters is how much you bench press.
If you want to be in the strength game (even as an old person) don’t be stupid on the bench press. Always leave one rep in the tank.