1) What is/was your favorite workout to prep for this year?

Maintaining consistency with kettlebells (get-ups, carries, swings, presses) blended with a push/pull/leg sequence
(using body weight, bar, dumbbell and kettlebells) 3x/week are key for me year round to maintain balance, mobility & strength so I’m ready for my seasonal endurance training blocks.

2) What is your favorite training food?

On long bike rides, a fig newton really helps every 35 miles or so. Occasionally I’ll use the Stinger bites on long runs (after 90 mins).

3) What were your key training events for 2018?

Komen Race for the Cure 5k; Pelotonia 100 miles; Greenswell Women’s Only Duathlon for Hope; Columbus ½ Marathon

4) What was your hardest training day?

My husband, Wayne, and I did a 70 mile bike ride on the Reynolds Road section of the Pelotonia route. The hills were far steeper than we expected (mental anguish topped any physical discomfort !) and one mile of the route we pirated from Strava was 100% gravel … literally a gravel path between two farm houses for the entire mile. I was freaking out about blowing the tires on my new bike !

5) What is your best-kept training secret?

Staying hydrated (I use Thorne Catalyte on long rides and runs) and consistently sleeping ~7 hours/night.