1) What is/was your favorite workout to prep for this year?

Favorite running workout is called the monster. For the spring it was a 22 mile run… 4 warm-up, 14@MP, 2@HMP, 1@tempo, 1 c/d. It’s basically just a really good gauge of fitness towards the end of a training season.

Favorite functional exercise is the sled pull. I just feel that I get stronger when I’m doing it, and it gives me confidence (real or imaginary) when I get to hills.

2) What is your favorite training food?

I’m assuming you’re wanting an answer other than sugar. If that’s the case then chicken with anything starchy (potatoes, rice, bread).

3) What were your key training events for 2018?

If you’re asking what was my main event then one-single-focused-goal-all-season: Philly Marathon

4) What was your hardest training day?

Hardest training day was the last day of my fall peak week. It wasn’t just the run itself, a 24 mile run with 10@MP in humid 60+ degree weather, it was that I did it at the end of a 102 mile training week, which was squeezed into a work week where I had to drive to and from Chicago and still work 50+ hours.

5) What is your best-kept training secret?

I think these best secret is no secret at all. It comes down to the KISS principle… I break my training into 4 simple phases through the season: early conditioning, speed, race pace honing, taper, where each phase pushes my body a little harder and a little longer without doing too much. Ultimately this lets my body constantly adapt and get better. And based upon my progression, I know more-or-less what to expect come race day, which means I can let race day just be another day, without the stress.