1)   What is/was your favorite workout to prep for this year?

My favorite workouts have been hill climbing on my road bike. Rick and I have a nice area we go out to and I basically try to climb the really steep hills extra hard. Its always a good feeling finding a new max HR and max power.

2)   What is your favorite training food?

Favorite food pre ride is peanut butter, banana, or maybe a protein shake, and some water. Depending on how long I am out for I will have anything from gels to bars. Fruit and light snacks such as peanut butter filled pretzels are my favorite. A drink with some carbs, protein, and electrolytes is my main source of bike fuel for most rides.

Post ride I like a beer or 2 or so, KBB is the drink of choice and I use it to wash down a nice big BBQ bacon burger with a side of sweet potato fires and a protein shake. For a sweet treat I down a pint of an ice cream of whatever I’m in the mood for. Then lots of water and some broccoli or something if I am hungry later.

3)   What were your key training events for 2018?

I ran Cap City half, Pedal With Pete, Mid Ohio Century, Honor Ride, Ridge Runner Rambler, and Pelotonia 200 mile.

4)   What was your hardest training day?

The hardest thing last year was day 2 of Pelotonia with 3000 ft in the first 30 miles of a 100 mile ride all after doing 100 miles the day before.

5)   What is your best-kept training secret?

I focus on my training, I train like an absolute machine, and I don’t really care that people think I am a psycho for waking up at 5am to ride or lift or am out till 9pm in the summer on a 60+ mile ride.