1) What is/was your favorite workout to prep for this year?

– My favorite workout to prep for an Ironman is a long bike followed by a long run. This last year my coach lengthened my runs following my 100 mile rides and did several 45-60 min runs

2) What is your favorite training food?

– I have been using Infinit for several years now during 70.3 and Ironmans. It works great for me!

3) What were your key training events for 2018?

– My key training events were 2 strong long rides with high elevation gains. Our last ride was the old Tour de Cause route with 3 really long hills. We wanted tough routes to make Louisville feel not as bad in comparison to the hills that we did in training. It worked bc there were no hills like Savage Hill on that course! We also made a trip down to Louisville and we did the two loops. It helped with knowing what to expect on race day

4) What was your hardest training day?

– The hardest training day was probably the day I went down to Louisville. It was just an overall bad day where I had tons of bike issues including riding with my brake rubbing on the back tire for 10 miles and not realizing as well as my chain dropping on one of the longer hill climbs causing me to crash. Thankfully we were riding in a group and several cyclists stopped to help and was able to finish the ride. But at least these things happened in training and not on race day!

5) What is your best-kept training secret?

– I think the key is that I just have learned to trust the process and that race day is a celebration of all the hard work you have put in!