Scott Johnson

As a team physician for an MLS soccer team, I interact regularly with professional trainers, strength coaches and physical therapists. I can say with confidence that Rick is on a par with the best of them

Kathleen Hughes

Not only has Rick’s program given my training purpose but it has brought me back to my fighting weight and then some! I am stronger and leaner than I have been in years. But perhaps more important – it has helped me unleashed a fitness I never knew was possible

Ann Kurtenbach

I have to give a HUGE shout out and thanks to Rick Rick III for helping me to lean up, gain muscle mass, and most importantly build strength for the IM, which is something I really felt I was lacking in prior years. He did a great job at balancing the triathlon schedule and gaining functional strength, which I think showed in all of my races this year. I definitely plan on being a permanent face at his gym as long as I can afford him!

Steven T. Devor

“There are very few strength coaches with the same sort of desire for new knowledge and the ability to then utilize it for their clients. Rick is able to accomplish this application of knowledge for his clients on a daily basis. He is motivated to understand the ‘why’ when it comes to an exercise or training technique, not just the ‘how’ it is done.”