Starter Speed and Strength is a program for middle school and high school male athletes. This strength and conditioning program meets twice a week for fifty minutes. Classes are limited to eight participants to maximize supervision and encourage safety. We have a narrow focus on what we want to achieve in these six week training blocks.

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The Top Reasons you should sign your middle school athlete up!
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You are investing in experience. Rick Rick III has been a full time trainer since 1997
  • Appropriate exercises and programs

    Researchers have documented the importance of not treating youth athletes as “mini adults”. We select appropriate exercises and programs for the stage of development our athletes are in.

  • Body-weight calisthenics

    We begin with body-weight calisthenics and attempt to master them. We move on to fundamental movement skills of sports and have fun learning them! This type of skill development will take time, but it will be worth it.

  • What did you have for breakfast…….lunch?”

    Each session we pick an athlete and go over what they took in as fuel so far that day. This brief chat helps our athletes understand how to optimally fuel themselves.

  • Eight athletes at a time.

    We limit our athlete sessions to eight athletes at a time. Professional supervision is vital to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our gym is designed to eliminate distractions from the important physical training we develop.

Real people Real results

Kathleen Hughes

Not only has Rick’s program given my training purpose but it has brought me back to my fighting weight and then some! I am stronger and leaner than I have been in years. But perhaps more important ...

Steven T. Devor

“There are very few strength coaches with the same sort of desire for new knowledge and the ability to then utilize it for their clients. Rick is able to accomplish this application of knowledge for...

Ann Kurtenbach

I have to give a HUGE shout out and thanks to Rick Rick III for helping me to lean up, gain muscle mass, and most importantly build strength for the IM, which is something I really felt I was lacking...

Scott Johnson

As a team physician for an MLS soccer team, I interact regularly with professional trainers, strength coaches and physical therapists. I can say with confidence that Rick is on a par with the best of...

Is it Dangerous for Youth Athletes to Lift Weights?

A common misconception is that strength and conditioning is too dangerous for some youth athletes; however, quite the opposite is true. A properly designed strength and conditioning program can actually decrease the potential for injury in youth athletes.

There will always be injury risks with any type of activity, but lifting weights is no more risky than the sports youth athletes participate in. We must not ignore the obvious benefits of strength training for youth athletes, primarily increasing strength. Consider the research from the NSCA’s Performance Training Journal and the NSCA Position Paper on Youth Training that supports the implementation of a strength and conditioning program for youth athletes.

Youth athletes are more likely to injure themselves with home exercise equipment than with a structured program supervised by a certified coach.
Youth athletes can increase strength by up to 30% with the intervention of an 8- to 20-week program.
Many youth athletes are not prepared physically to meet the demands of their sport due to inadequate training and insufficient muscular strength and cardiovascular conditioning.
One third of youth athletes that participate in organized sports require medical attention for a sports-related injury.
The potential for sports-related injuries and for youth athletes to drop out of sports could be decreased by a properly designed strength and conditioning program.
Not having a properly designed strength and conditioning program may be a factor in youth athletes’ feeling that they are not good at the sport, therefore they are more likely to drop out of sports altogether.

Would my Youth Athlete Benefit from a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

NSCA Youth Training

It is no secret that the level of competition in youth sports has been on the rise over the past decades. What used to be recreational teams, city leagues, and neighborhood games has evolved into an entire industry of club sports, elite traveling teams, and hefty participation fees for the young athletes’ parents.

A growing number of parents are asking, “With all the extra practices and increased competition, how can I be sure my son or daughter is not going to get injured? And how can I give my child an extra advantage?” To help answer these questions, we need to look at the way we train in the U.S. compared to our European neighbors. Historically, many European countries used general physical preparation training with young athletes to build the foundation of development for their later years of training. Within this general physical preparation training, coaches utilized movements and exercises that developed many different motor abilities or skills. These training sessions were not specific to any one sport, they were specific in providing a general foundation of motor abilities (speed, agility, quickness, strength endurance, relative strength, flexibility, etc.). These young athletes then transitioned into more specific training based on their sport as they aged. This is a direct contrast to the North American model, in which children typically specialize in their respective sports at a much earlier age.

For this reason it is vitally important for parents to consider having their children train with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®), who understands the specific needs of the children based on their developmental window of adaptation. A CSCS® is responsible for building the foundation and the groundwork for later years of development, while doing so in a safe and healthy environment. These certified individuals have a wealth of knowledge that allows them to provide proper program design for the children throughout the course of their development.

The Next Session of Starter Speed and Strength

·      4pm-4:50pm Middle School Boyz only

·      5pm-5:50pm High School Athletes

·      $200 per month

·      $30.00 drop in fee if space is available

• Drop in spaces available


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